SVXLINK/Echolink Power Supply Node

Back of Echolink Power Supply Node

By: Ramon Gonzalez (KP4TR)

Below is an image of an SVXLINK portable Echolink node. It consists of a chassis of a used 25AMP power supply that was hit by lightning 2 years ago and left for parts.

Heatsink of Baofeng BF-888S and 2 step down transformers








The insides were cleaned out, and the following was installed:

Baofeng BF-888S UHF Radio
Raspberry PI Computer

USB Soundcard (ICUSBAUDIOB from Startech is what I had on hand)
Raspbian Wheezy Linux
One 12V to 3.7V step down transformer (For Baofeng)
One 12V to 5V step down transformer (for Raspberry Pi)
Any cheap powered USB Hub. (Powered from 5V)
USB to RS232 Cable for PTT/COS (I use a USB to RS232 Legacy Adapter DB9 Female)

ARS Repeaters Serial Port Echolink Adapter

Almost assembled


Fully Assembled Portable Echolink Node

Back of Echolink Node