Allstar and IRLP Portable Nodes + Raspberry PI


KP4TR IRLP Node 8205

Getting ready for Dayton 2016, so I decided to build 2 portable nodes. One for IRLP, and another for Allstar to take on the road.

IRLP Node 8205 insides

IRLP Node 8205 insides

The IRLP version is my personal node 8205. It is difficult to build these because of the proprietary and closed environment IRLP operates under, so I may not build any more of these. This uses a Baofeng BF888S radio, which are easy to modify, and make excellent UHF portable nodes.


KP4TR Allstar Portable Node

The Allstar version is not only easier to build, but can be used immediately as a private node or Echolink, or tied into the public Allstarlink network. So I can easily build these using either the DMK Engineering URI FOB, which are wonderful interfaces, or the R.A.L.I interface built by Omar Reyes (K9MAR).



Allstar node insides

Both IRLP and Allstar version use a Raspberry PI computer. The IRLP is a Raspberri PI2, where the Allstar is a Raspberry PI3. At the time of this posting I had issues using IRLP with the RPI3, but hopefully this has been resolved.


Here’s a video of the IRLP node 8205 and the multicolor LED and synthesized audio.